The Swan Inn -
Craven Road, Lower Green, Inkpen, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 9DX
01488 668326
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Retail Price

All organic meat, including our beef, is delivered to the Swan Inn as carcasses direct from the abattoirs. This allows us to fully control the maturation process in our cold rooms prior to butchering, under the close supervision of our head chef, thus ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality.

Our cured meats, gammons, bacon, saltbeef, bressola, and processed meats, burgers and sausages are all made on the premises, again ensuring complete quality control and all are gluten free, except the beef, leek and ale and the pork sausages.

For Christmas Orders

Organic Turkey, Special Cuts of Beef eg. Bone in Rib, Whole Fillets, Rolled Sirloins etc. Please Call 01488 668326 and speak to the manager to discuss your requirements and place your order.

Organic Meats Retail Price List (1 Kilo = 2.2lbs)

Organic Beef - Please Check the availability
Cuts of Beef £ per kilo Cuts of Beef £ per kilo Cuts of beef £ per kilo
Fillet Steak 48.50 Silverside 11.50 Beefburgers 8.50
T Bone Steak 28.00 Topside 11.50 Onion and Ale Sausages 7.50
Sirloin Steak 28.00 Rolled Rib 13.50 Mustard and Herbs Sausages 7.50
Rump Steak 20.00 Bone in Rib 11.50 Chilli and Paprika Sausages 7.50
Rib Eye Steak 22.00 Rolled Brisket 8.00 Horseradish Sausages 7.50
Skirt Steak 9.00 Diced Topside 9.50 Beef dripping 4.00
Braising Steak 9.50 Minced Steak 9.50 Kidney 3.50
Shin Steak 8.00 Mince 6.50 Heart 3.00
Stewing Steak 8.00 Oxtail 8.50 Tongue 6.50
Special Prices: (For 20 x 1/2 Kg trays)
10kg packs Diced Topside 8.00 10kg packs Minced Steak 8.00 10kg packs Mince
£ per Kilo £ per Kilo £ per Kilo
Stirfry 20.50
Whole Turkey TBA
Chicken Wings 5.00 Whole Duck TBA
Chicken Liver 8.50 Whole Goose TBA
The Swan Inn